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Hi beautiful Investors and Copy Traders! Here's a little FAQ list to help you and me. * Any issues with your account, please open a support ticket: * You can copy with $200 but minimum to copy all trades is $500. * If you see I opened a trade and its not on your port, it's probably because you invested under $500 and need to add funds. * I recommend at least $1000 to copy all my trades and make it a habit to add every month. * Copy Trading is automatic. Only check monthly results or quarterly. * This is a Low Risk, consistent returns focused account. * I am here for the long game. Are you? * I'm a mostly a day trader. I open a few trades every month. If you see positions held longer, that's me waiting for better exit point. * Set Copy Stop Loss value to 70% or the lowest you can. * No open trades? Sometimes I don't see an opportunity and I'm just analyzing the market. * No comments on open positions. * Question not on the list? Ask away and I will try to answer you back within 48 hours. Thank you, Jed ... Show More
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