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This image shows the value of just a handful of American businesses in comparison to the entire market indexes of some European countries. I don't know what it is about America, but it is an absolute powerhouse that continues to churn out great, significant, powerful, influential, global businesses. It's why Buffett continues to buy stocks/businesses in America and rarely looks abroad. And no wonder the USD is so strong. I saw this chart on a marketwatch article recently. I don't quite know how to feel about it. Is it scary? Shocking? Funny? Who knows, but I definitely found it interesting and thought it was worth sharing. One thing to takeaway if anything - Buy American Stocks. Source: <a href="" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a> <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a> <a href="/markets/dis" class="e-link">$DIS (Walt Disney)</a> <a href="/markets/sbux" class="e-link">$SBUX (Starbucks Corporation)</a> <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> <a href="/markets/goog" class="e-link">$GOOG (Alphabet)</a> <a href="/markets/hsy" class="e-link">$HSY (Hershey Co)</a> <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB (Facebook)</a> <a href="/markets/jpm" class="e-link">$JPM (JPMorgan Chase &amp; Co)</a> <a href="/markets/tif" class="e-link">$TIF (Tiffany &amp; Co)</a> <a href="/markets/uk100" class="e-link">$UK100</a> <a href="/markets/fra40" class="e-link">$FRA40</a> <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> <a href="/markets/ger30" class="e-link">$GER30</a> <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/gbpusd" class="e-link">$GBPUSD</a> ... Show More