George Thomson
Exactly as expected $BTC finding resistance just under 20K and we closed around 50% of the position for a good profit. I think we keep falling to around the 10WMA (around 14K) and potentially some wicks as low as the 12K area. Looking to add to the position around these levels. Even though $ETHEREUM has fallen pretty hard alongside BTC, it looks like it has already found strong support around $500. As I mentioned in my previous post, I think ETH and alts are going to outperform BTC in this bull run, so expecting BTC to keep dropping/consolidating for a bit, while ETH and alts should turn around fast. The bull run has officially kicked off with a bang, so time to start accumulating and HODLing. The volatility will be more than usual, and I'll try my best to minimize it, but the gains to be had are a very rare opportunity. Let's go! 🌕