Stefano Bertani
📈 I am a long-term popular investor with a performance of 20% since June 2020 and I exclusively invest in ETFs, as they are less volatile than single stocks or cryptos. ✅ My strategy is an accumulation plan that consists in adding funds at regular intervals in order to take advantage of the market fluctuations. ✅ Diversification of ETFs linked to the various world economies and economical sectors, in order to reduce the risk. ✅ Hold the ETF for a very long time. ✅ Buy when the market goes down ✅ Always keep available funds for averaging ✅ No cryptos, no leverage, no unnecessary fees 💵 Recommended copy: any amount you prefer ⏳Terms: 1 year LIST OF THE ETFs ON MY PORTFOLIO 🇺🇲 QQQ: it replicates the Nasdaq SPY: it replicates the S&P500 DIA: it replicates the Dow Jones AOA: Equities and fixed income funds XLF: American Banks (ex. JPMorgan, Bank of America...) SOXX: Semiconductors SCHD: High dividends (ex. Pepsi, Pfizer, IBM...) VTI: Total US market XLV: Health Care sector (ex. Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson...) XLK: Technology (ex. Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia...) JETS: Airline (ex. Delta Air Lines Inc, American Airline...) 🇪🇺 IEUR: Best European stocks (Ex. Nestlé, Siemens, Total...) 🇨🇳 CQQQ: Chinese technology (Ex. Tencent, Baidu, Meituan...) 🇯🇵 EWJ: Best Japanes equities (Ex. Hitachi, Toyota, Mitsubishi...) 🇮🇳 INDA: Best Indian stocks 🌏 AAXJ: Asia except Japan $01055.HK (China Southern Airlines Co Ltd) $00981.HK (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) $00966.HK (China Taiping Insurance Holdin) $00880.HK (SJM Holdings Ltd) $00857.HK (PetroChina Co Ltd)