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Update after the last 2 days: We've seen quite a sell-off due to coronavirus fears this week. I've seen a lot of retail investors on here liquidating their portfolios because of the downtrend, this is not something I am doing. It is times like this where it is very easy to get emotional. I see it as an opportunity to build up some positions further. It is impossible to say if markets will continue to drop as it all depends on the spread/severity of the virus. As markets seemed to settle today I saw it as an opportunity to buy more $FB (Facebook) . Facebook saw a nearly 10% drop in value, first of all Facebook is banned in the epicentre of the outbreak, second of all, I do not see the virus affecting Facebook's revenues at all. If anything, the anxiety surrounding the event and further quarantines may push further people onto social media - I see a better valuation, I still hold some cash which I will continue to invest in intervals during events like these. As of writing this and because of this week, I am now down year to date (-0.62%). Indexes as of writing = S and P 500 $SPY (-4.3%), MSCI World $SWDA.L (-4.7%) Still beating the market. ... Show More