Tufa-Dragos Adrian
📌When you decide to invest consider the risk, not just the reward. What could go wrong? How bad could it be? Invest after you answer such questions.📌 Picture: results for today on HK and EU market. ➕ Follow me to get daily EPS and "Ex-Dividend" dates. Average risk score - ONLY 3. 🔒 2021: ➕14.06 🔒 🔒 2020: ➕36.45% gain in only 6 months 🔒 📝 When I trade for dividends gains, I only buy companies with a YIELD > 3% 📝 ⚠️ Trade these stocks using one of these strategies: ⚠️ 1. Dividend Capture Strategy - Note: "You must hold the position before the market closes two business days before the ex-dividend date for the dividend payment to apply." 2. To sell before Ex-Dividend day 3. To buy during/after Ex-Dividend day Copy to watch how your account is filling up with 💲💲💲 ✍️ Comment, mention friends and like 👍 Today is "Record day" for: $CUBE (CubeSmart) $FRT (Federal Realty Investment Trust) $INGR (Ingredion Inc) $MU (Micron Technology, Inc.) $O (Realty Income Corp)