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$BTC $BCH $ETHEREUM $ETC $NEO $ADA $XRP $XLM $MIOTA $DASH $ZEC $TRX $LTC $EOS $BNB Yesterday I posted a statistic of corrections > 5% from the bull markets of the BTC history. It has been shown that there are no rules, when a correction comes and how strong it turns out. Now I've added to the statistic the info, how many days it took for the BTC price to recover from the correction (column "Recover in days") .I counted 36 corrections and the corrections were -17% on average and, on average, it took 22 days to recover from a correction, which means that if a correction occurs in a bull market, then you wait an average of three weeks for the price to recover from this correction. To sum up, you usualy can not dodge corrections because you never know when they will come and how much they will fail. If you try to foresee corrections in a bull market and then sell your positions or even open shorts, then in my view you play roulette. This high risk is absolutely not necessary, because in a bull market, the price recovers. Just have to be patient, as this statistic shows. That's why I do not care about any corrections or any other short-term price developments. Instead, I stay calm and even use the corrections to buy more, thereby increasing my earnings prospects. In this sense, good luck on all sides. ... Show More