Bogdan Doicin
Good morning, followers and copiers! As I said yesterday, nothing bad happen (except for the decline of the US markets early in the session). At the end of the US market session, my portfolio was once again in the green, except for the three companies that like to stay in the red ( $ENEL.MI (Enel Power Company) , $MA (Mastercard) and $AF.PA (Air France-KLM) ). It survived almost intact at the end of another bearish day, which makes me proud of it and of my choices. We'll see what will happen today. I read a news in a Romanian news site saying that Ukraine will go on with their attempts in joining NATO and EU. Another news state that Macron will invite Putin to discuss the situation. This tells me that the Ukrainian side has courage, keeping defying the Russian president. It may also be because it got heavy support from NATO and, slowly, Russia is sitting alone and circled. This makes me believe even more that no invasion will take place. I watched a Youtube video last night about the probable causes of the $NFLX (Netflix, Inc.) drop. Among those: 1. Less room for growth in the developed countries. Who wanted Netflix so far got it; 2. Competition. $AMZN (Amazon) , $AAPL (Apple) and $ROKU (Roku Inc) are among them; 3. No or less language support for non-English speaking countries, which is impairing point 1; 4. Of course, the earnings report; 5. Economic situation. When things get worse, people stop or diminish paying for leisure. Netflix is leisure. I would add my take on it: the video streaming services of the above companies will take a hit after the pandemic will be over and the $NFLX case is just the beginning. Cinemas and other leisure places will be back and will offer people alternatives. Yesterday I got a second copier. Thank you, @Wally1555 , for copying me. Do not hesitate to copy me. Thank you for reading!