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$BTC remains steady while some Alts are struggling in the short term. $XRP MACD chart still in the bearish zone with RSI indicating it is oversold. At this point support seems to be holding at around 0.32 and we may see resistance around 0.35-0.36. Regardless I am very bullish with $XRP long term and still stand by at least $1-$2 end of year. $LTC and $DASH still look bullish at this rate trending similar to $BTC. Though EOS has taken a further tumble, my thoughts on this coin has not changed and I am still anticipating $10-$15 by year end. $XLM inching its way back out of bearish trends after an announcement of a new update. Anticipating this to continue with speculation the coin will end the year around 0.25. Overall the market is holding steady and if sideways movement continues for the next few days a breakout this time around is more likely. Please remember no one has a crystal ball and the crypto market is hard to predict. What we do know for certain is that we are in a strong bull market. Any dips are merely corrections and not a sign of long term bearish trends. After much research and analysis I have decided to give it until next year (or longer) to step back into stocks as I am very bearish regarding the stock market. I am concerned a global financial crisis is just around the corner though I really do hope I am wrong. This however is likely not going to affect crypto as many may find crypto a safe haven during tumultuous times. Stay patient all, remember the bulls are here to stay for a long while 💰🐂 ... Show More