Jaime De La Peza Cortes
Hi everyone. This time I am sharing with you the dividend news for this month. Starting this year I will be sharing a similar table every 4 weeks so you can know what dividends are paying from my portfolio. 🗓 ✅ Feb is currently our 2nd strongest month in dividends after March, so now is the best time to copy! 💲 We are getting difidends from 8 Companies: $NLY (Annaly Capital Management Inc) $AGNC (AGNC Investment Corp) $T (AT&T Inc) $MPLX (MPLX LP) $PBA (Pembina Pipeline Corp) $PG (Procter & Gamble Co) $AAPL (Apple) $MA (Mastercard) I am also thinking already what positions to increase or add to the portfolio with the dividends, I will share an analysis next week, but a topline indicated that $ROG.ZU (Roche Holding Ltd) and $KO (Coca-Cola) are good candidates as they both pay in March. Quick overview of the portfolio performance: As per the 3 objectives that we have, we are currently achieving 2: 🟢 Annual Yield of 3.80% (vs 3% in objective) 🟢 Get dividends every month 🟡 Growth of 12% (I am confident on achieving this during the year) Please reach out if you have any doubt or comment.