Long Gold Industry
Dear Investors, Here is your monthly update for November 2023 ✨ November was a very positive month for equities and crypto markets. The US Federal Reserves left interest rates unchanged, signalling no more rate hikes. Additionally, a key inflation number was 0.1% below the consensus forecast. The S&P 500 Index posted a gain of almost 9% and the Nasdaq-100 delivered a gain of 10.7%. Except for the Energy sector that underperformed due to lower oil prices, all Industry Sectors were positive, with special attention to the Tech sector. Gold reached all-time-highs, and Bitcoin had a third consecutive positive month. 💭 Find out more about what happened in November with eToro's Smart Portfolios Monthly summary here: etoro.turtl.co/story/etoros-investment-office-performance-report-nov23/ Performance Stats: GoldWorldWide-> November: 10.65% , QTD: 17.15% YTD: 7.02% Benchmark (GDM - NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index) -> November: 11.04% , QTD: 15.64% YTD: 7.61% Best Performer: $HMY (Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd-ADR) 38.98% Worst Performer: $SSRM (SSR Mining Inc) -14.48% Portfolio Indicated Dividend Yield: 1.71% ❓ Check out the portfolio fact sheet by clicking the following link: factsheets.fundpeak.com/Report/B15339EEF2BAE7C22A6EEA1901D688CB716958B4C0F4F224C4A483BE0631C814 This Smart Portfolio is a long-term investment vehicle. Therefore, since market trends can change over time, you should set realistic goals and assess your investment performance over a prolonged period. Please remember past performance is not indicative of any future performance.