Andrea Ravalli
What will you find in my portfolio and accounts that you won't find in others?🔎 Why choose me and not other popular investors? 🔎 💰💰💰 Pay attention to dividends. I mostly take dividends in $UK100 and in the Italian market to avoid double taxation 🌍🌍🌍 Beware of the exchange rate $EURUSD and $EURGBP . Depending on the exchange rate it is appropriate or not to buy shares in Euro, $USDOLLAR or Gbp. I earn Euro and have to buy what is most convenient for me. If the exchange rate with the dollar is unfavorable it does not suit me to buy shares in dollars. 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Zero fees. If you copy me you will never have feescharged to you. Every move I make is made to reduce the cost of the portfolio to ZERO. There are Popular Investors who keep open leveraged positions for months, either on indexes or forex, but they maybe don't pay commissions (for example if in Muslim countries) or they don't care so much you pay them. Be very careful about these aspects, unfortunately testing on virtual portfolio is not enough as commissions (and dividends unfortunately) are not calculated correctly. ❓❓❓ Willingness to answer any questions. Occasionally I may tell you "I don't know," but I promise to inquire and try to answer as soon as possible. 💬💬💬 I have a website where I maintain a kind of diary of portfolio development. Convenient to use and where maybe I can also find interesting insights regarding cryptocurrencies not available on etoro. 🎂🎂🎂 I will always invest a large part of the portfolio keeping only a small part to invest by taking advantage of volatility. Why? Because I am here to make money and for you to make money. There are popular investors who invest only a small percentage of portfolio to have the low risk and the problem is what? That you will also invest only a small portion. So if they only ever invest 30% you will also only ever invest 30%. Giving an example if you copy them with $1,000 you will have $700 always firm, for my personal opinion is not good.. BUT this method reduce your risk. Take best decision to be comfortable with your copy.
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