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Dear Investors, Here is your monthly update for June 2020. After global financial markets began to recover from the Coronavirus Pandemic that has swept the world, June saw the return of volatility as some countries grappled to get a handle on the virus that continues to ravage their respective populations. Concerns over a dreaded “second wave” also began to take hold as infection rates began to climb among countries that had previously seen a decrease in cases. Oil prices continued their upward momentum for the most part as crude oil traded above the 40-dollar-per barrel mark but did not manage to convincingly hold above this resistance level as fears over the possibility of reduced demand linger related to the possibility of a “second wave”. The surge in Coronavirus infections pushed the gold price to within a fraction of all-time-highs over the course of June as traders fled to safe-haven instruments amid those growing concerns. Both Governments and Reserve banks around the world continue to support their ailing economies with unprecedented levels of fiscal and monetary stimulus. This tone that was set back when the pandemic began looks likely to remain for the foreseeable future, at least until a vaccine can be found and some level of stability can be maintained. Pharmaceutical companies continue the race to be the first to find a cure for the virus although a widely distributed vaccine is not expected to be available until the end of the year at the earliest. ShoppingCart is a thematic portfolio, which means its investment strategy is semi-passive, providing exposure to companies that are involved in the eCommerce industry which is revolutionizing the entire shopping experience. Its benchmark, the Amplify Online Retail ETF, gained 9.79% in June. The ShoppingCart CopyPortfolio gained 15.16% over the same period. $BWNG.L (N Brown Group PLC) was the strongest performing stock included in this portfolio and increased by 58.63%. $FLWS (1 800 FLOWERS COM) was the worst performer, losing 9.57%. This CopyPortfolio is a long-term investment vehicle. Therefore, since market trends can change over time, you should set realistic goals and assess your investment performance over a prolonged period. Long-term investment vehicles can go through various market cycles, such as bull markets and market downturns. Please remember past performance is not indicative of any future performance. $VIPS (Vipshop), $NFLX (Netflix, Inc.), $W (Wayfair Inc.), $BABA (Alibaba), $EXPE (Expedia Inc Del), $EBAY (eBay), $BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc), $ZAL, $FTCH (Farfetch), $OCDO, $AMZN (Amazon), $MELI (MercadoLibre), $JD, $BWNG.L, $ETSY (Etsy Inc), $MMYT (Makemytrip), $SPOT (Spotify ), $ASC.L (ASOS PLC), $OTB.L (On the Beach), $CHWY (Chewy), $FLWS, $3690.HK, $OSTK (, Inc.), $TCOM, $JMIA (Jumia Technologies AG)
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