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We have come to a point where you say, "Do what you like". Impose, impose, any regulations you like. Publish news worse than Fox News. We will not be a party to it. We will hold and we'll keep holding. The crypto community harkens for us. Why should we listen to people who want to limit our freedom? Why should we let anyone value our investments in USD, a currency backed by a piece of paper? If you're not selling, who are they buying it cheap from? No one. So, just hold and forget about it. <a href="/markets/btc" class="e-link">$BTC</a> <a href="/markets/bch" class="e-link">$BCH</a> <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a> <a href="/markets/ltc" class="e-link">$LTC</a> <a href="/markets/etc" class="e-link">$ETC</a> <a href="/markets/ethereum" class="e-link">$ETHEREUM</a> ... Show More