Francisco Javier Martinez Lago
📬 2021 Portfolio Report ✔️ During the year 2021, my portfolio obtained a positive return of 9,97% 🌍 Copiers: there are 493 investors copying my portfolio 💲 Assets under Management: $693k ⭐️ Risk: 5/10. The portfolio's risk remains at a medium level. Welcome to the yearly recap. 2021 was a tough year for our mostly growth-oriented portfolio. Yet, we still managed to reach a nice positive return of ~10%, earning a third consecutive year of positive gains. So why was it a tough year for growth investors? Mainly, inflation. The bottom line is that growth companies are expected to have a higher value in the future, but when inflation happens, that expected future value decreases. Because of increased inflation this year, growth portfolios performed less well than other types. I believe we will perform better in the long-term, and I've said before, doing so will require riding the highs as well as the lows. The most successful investors don't just change ship every time there's a storm brewing. They hold firm to their strategy no matter the weather, because they know there will be sun on the other side. The actual businesses in which we are invested have great potential. While the market might be a bit pessimistic about them at the moment, it doesn't change the quality of those businesses. Mr. Market can be irrational for a time, but in time it always recognizes a good business. Thanks to all copiers, from those who joined in 2021, to those who have been with me since the beginning. It's my honor to work for you and to help your wealth grow. Happy New Year! Javier