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$XRP they all do it. Why moan and Hodl when it's expected? I won't be missing out next time! Holding is for the weak, those who don't have any BALLS and wont risk profit both up and downtrend...Even if only drops a mere 40c - you can make MONEY WHICH MEANS MORE UNITS!!!! Look at those who HODLED BTC 😂 wonder how long they'll be chasing $20,000 again lol kind of ironic isn't it! They say shorting and buying back in cheaper is GREEDY yet those fools are the same ones begging everyone else to hold so they can see that ATH again. I believe this is a trading platform... not a wallet... doesn't yet include a wallet either. Make the most of cryptos volatility, else you could be a BTC holder and chase 20,000usd for who knows how long. Be smart. Don't let your money sit idle or slowly deplete with each wrong decision. Learn and get better. Don't be stupid... MAINTAIN YOUR MONEY :) NO BITCH COMMENTS PLEASE. ... Show More