Henri Gustave D Caron @Couguar
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Hi folks, October has been a terrible month so far for the stock markets. All major indices like $SPX500 , $NSDQ100 and $GER30 all fell quite hard. It especially hurts on a personal level since I had just added the required funds to reach for the Elite Investor level, and that is now fully hit by those bad results. I feel for the people who started copying me/added funds right before this crash. Yes, the FED has raised its interest rates —which generally spoken impacts the stock markets negatively—, yes we are past the average time for bull markets to reign, and yes there are some imminent threats on stock returns (Trade wars etc.) I do believe however, that it is too early for a bear market to start. Generally spoken, corporate profits are still sound, unemployment is low, and wages are up. Enough signs for me to believe that it is too early for a bear market start, and that the market is overreacting. Nonetheless, and irrespective on if I am right or wrong, I wish to inform my copiers that I am remaining fully invested throughout those difficult times. As mentioned earlier, I am in for the long run, and the long run has always given the returns for which I am aiming. Referring to earlier posts, it is very difficult to exactly time the market right and to recognise highs in the stock markets. It is easier however to recognise lows — sadly, only once they have happened. The way I see this, is that the losses have already happened, and that this gives all the more potential profits in the (near) future. For that reason, the last thing I will do under those circumstances is sell my assets. On the contrary, and depending on how this continues to evolve, I might actually buy some extra assets at the currently discounted prices. For all the people asking me when the ideal time is to start copying me: The worse the markets have performed, the cheaper I become, and the more interesting it becomes to start copying me. And the markets are performing bad right now. Stay strong, there will be sunshine after the rain! Cheers! ... Show More