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January 29th to February 4th 2018 Weekly Market Recap p1/2 Brutal week. Weeks like this last one are quite standard when it comes to investing. Tried avoiding closing any positions and just preferred riding it out instead of timing any fast exit-spots, which could backfire if done unproperly. Most stocks, ETFs and cryptos are down, with only a few players in profitville. All things considered, this is quite a healthy pullback for the markets, in my opinion. Playing the long game is ay-OK ! Stocks: <a href="/markets/abt" class="e-link">$ABT (Abbott Laboratories)</a> down 2.21% <a href="/markets/acn" class="e-link">$ACN (Accenture PLC)</a> down 3.34% <a href="/markets/amd" class="e-link">$AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc)</a> down 5.17% <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA (Alibaba)</a> down 8.55%, Inc. (AMZN) up 1.47% <a href="/markets/t" class="e-link">$T (AT&amp;T Inc)</a> up 2.53% <a href="/markets/celg" class="e-link">$CELG (Celgene Corp)</a> down 4.73% <a href="/markets/csco" class="e-link">$CSCO (Cisco)</a> down 3.23% Danone (BN.PA) down 1.86% <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$DTE.DE (Deutsche Telekom AG)</a> down 5.41% <a href="/markets/epc" class="e-link">$EPC (Edgewell Personal Care)</a> down 9.09% <a href="/markets/edit" class="e-link">$EDIT (Editas Medicine Inc)</a> down 2.96% Facebook, Inc. (FB) up 0.81% <a href="/markets/fslr" class="e-link">$FSLR (First Solar, Inc.)</a> down 4.40% Fitbit, Inc. (FIT) down 1.14% <a href="/markets/fl" class="e-link">$FL (Foot Locker Inc)</a> down 5.47% <a href="/markets/ftr" class="e-link">$FTR (Frontier Communications Corporation)</a> down 4.96% <a href="/markets/goog" class="e-link">$GOOG (Alphabet)</a> down 5.48% <a href="/markets/grmn" class="e-link">$GRMN (Garmin Ltd.)</a> down 2.39% <a href="/markets/gsk.l" class="e-link">$GSK.L (GlaxoSmithKline)</a> down 3.26% <a href="/markets/hlf" class="e-link">$HLF (Herbalife)</a> [shorting] up 2.59% <a href="/markets/hd" class="e-link">$HD (Home Depot Inc)</a> down 6.39% <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$ITX.MC (Inditex)</a> down 4.95% <a href="/markets/ibm" class="e-link">$IBM (IBM)</a> down 5.02% <a href="/markets/mmm" class="e-link">$MMM (3M)</a> down 5.16% <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT (Microsoft)</a> down 3.53% <a href="/markets/msi" class="e-link">$MSI (Motorola Solutions, Inc.)</a> up 4.80% NextEra Energy, Inc. (NEE) down 0.81% <a href="/markets/nflx" class="e-link">$NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)</a> down 2.47% <a href="/markets/ntdoy" class="e-link">$NTDOY (Nintendo CO Ltd)</a> down 4.50% <a href="/markets/ntla" class="e-link">$NTLA (Intellia Therapeutics Inc)</a> down 4.95% <a href="/markets/nvda" class="e-link">$NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation)</a> down 3.79% <a href="/markets/sbux" class="e-link">$SBUX (Starbucks Corporation)</a> down 3.09% <a href="/markets/sedg" class="e-link">$SEDG (SolarEdge Technologies)</a> down 5.54% <a href="/markets/shop" class="e-link">$SHOP (Shopify Inc.)</a> down 3.53% <a href="/markets/trip" class="e-link">$TRIP (TripAdvisor Inc)</a> down 4.69% <a href="/markets/tsco.l" class="e-link">$TSCO.L (Tesco)</a> down 4.44% Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) up 1.14% <a href="/markets/ttm" class="e-link">$TTM (Tata Motors Shs Sponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 5 Shs)</a> down 4.95% <a href="/markets/twtr" class="e-link">$TWTR (Twitter)</a> up 6.23% <a href="/markets/unh" class="e-link">$UNH (UnitedHealth)</a> down 6.98% Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX) down 1.70% <a href="/markets/vod" class="e-link">$VOD (Vodafone)</a> down 3.36% <a href="/markets/wdc" class="e-link">$WDC (Western Digital Corporation)</a> down 3.93% <a href="/markets/wmh.l" class="e-link">$WMH.L (William Hill)</a> up 2.17% <a href="/markets/znga" class="e-link">$ZNGA (Zynga)</a> down 2.16% ... Show More