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We are pleased to announce @CannabisCare CopyPortfolio is now open for investment on the eToro platform (Monday, 17.9.18) Those considering investing should read the important information below: 1) Once this portfolio surpasses 1,000 investors it will no longer admit new investors from 23:59 GMT that day (the day it passes 1,000 investors). For example if on Monday 17.9 the portfolio passes 1,000 investors at 15:00 GMT, the investment strategy will not admit any more investors at 23:59 GMT. There are no immediate/short-term plans to reopen the portfolio for more investors once this has occurred. 2) There are some stocks such as $ACBFF and $APHQF that are only available to invest in via this CopyPortfolio and cannot be traded manually on the platform. 3) The minimum to invest in this CopyPortfolio is $5,000. This a long-term investment vehicle. 4) Once one has invested in this portfolio, the positions will open once the exchange opens where these stocks are listed, before this occurs the positions will be pending open. 5) For more information about this sector please watch this video Or read our blogpost: 6) This portfolio is managed by eToro's investment committee. For more questions please contact ... Show More