Óscar Alonso
Apple's Entry Into Healthcare: $AAPL (Apple) (Apple) $TDOC (Teladoc Health Inc) (Teladoc Health Inc) Apple has barely scratched the surface of healthcare, yet Tim Cook says that the movement into healthcare could be Apple's "greatest contribution to mankind." Apple's wearables make it easy to track certain types of health metrics, and there is a lot of potential for Apple to expand into healthcare data, partnerships and insurance. For the long-term-minded investors, Apple should be looked at with potential for expansion into healthcare, not just growth in iPhones or Macs. Clearly, bullish or bearish, there is going to be a lot of runway for Apple when it comes to healthcare combining with its wearables. And yet, even if these projections are completely wrong and they do not pursue either avenue I mentioned in this article, I am sure that there are other growth routes that no investor has even thought of yet when it comes to integrating healthcare into Apple's wearables. I do not believe that this division of Apple is fully appreciated. Clearly, they have optionable and probable avenues for growth, and if they can successfully grow in these markets, they will be able to grow this division at a rapid rate. Apple has a clear eye on healthcare, and they are the company that is best positioned to take advantage and reap the great benefits of this transformative integration. If you find it useful consider following and feel free to copy my portfolio Ive accomplished less risk and I can now focus again on gaining great profits as past year. So stay tuned if you dont want to miss out!! $ZYNE (Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc) $AZN.L (AstraZeneca) $PFE (Pfizer) seekingalpha.com/article/4434734-apple-stock-aapl-entry-into-healthcare