Dennis Benson Mwangi Kirui @DennyZee
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========== Lessons from My Trading Journey========== Learn to draw major Support and Resistance levels. This skill is very important because it will help you to know where to set your stop loss and take profit. ============================ Follow me to get more:- ** “Lessons from My Trading Journey” & Forex Trading Quotes. ** Bi-Weekly Forex Trading Commentary of the <a href="/markets/gbpusd" class="e-link">$GBPUSD</a>, <a href="/markets/audusd" class="e-link">$AUDUSD</a>, <a href="/markets/eurjpy" class="e-link">$EURJPY</a>, <a href="/markets/gbpjpy" class="e-link">$GBPJPY</a> & <a href="/markets/audjpy" class="e-link">$AUDJPY</a> ... Show More