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@stebliss I'm looking at copying you (again) with a fair sum of money and am very interested in what to expect in gains. I've reverse engineered etoro's monthly stats for my data to calculate my own gains and I'm now hoping to test the data against other traders to see if my calculation is accurate and what I'd gain over a period of time. I wondered if you could confirm if my calculation is accurate to your data, please? I believe that if you'd started your trading with $1,000 on 01/01/2017 that by 31/12/2017 you'd have a fund of $19,862 approx. This seems too good to be true but as it was 893.16% according to etoro's figures could well be. Am I anywhere near? I wanted to calculate the figures of someone copying you but can't work out how to get the spread data. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Chris This is the 6th time I've posted this without much luck. Hopefully etoro will have sorted it out!! ... Show More