Greenbull Sarl
Hello Greenbull Investors @GreenbullInvest Based on current market incertainty we are increasing our cash balance in order to capture future market opportunities but most of all to reduce the risk of the account. We may be missing opportunities but we rather approach this portfolio always by the risk and preserving capital rather than being too greedy. The market has been very generous these past months. We wish to secure this performance as much as possible. We remind you that in order to see results on this portfolio you need to be invested on a minimum of 12 months. That's why we suggest that you do DCA on this portfolio every month. We recommend also to invest the same amount every month. IMPORTANT : The investment committee will operate new allocation focusing mainly on major tech and cryptos assets. We will also increase our % per assets in order for smaller copy to have more close results to ours and optimise your performance. We have limit orders which have been prepared on key levels on identified assets. Please remain invested if you wish to leverage on our next moves and have the same entries. Patience will be key in the next coming weeks. Bear with us. We wish you all a good day. Greenbull Invest
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