Alexander Romahn
And the wait continues. For the past few days $BTC is pretty much range bound and with it our main assets as well. As far as I can tell this could go on for a while. And this actually isn't bad as I consider this a pretty good area for accumulation especially if one isn't satisfied just yet with ones allocation just yet. So far stepping away from $NATGAS did neither prove to be to our advantage nor disadvantage as it's pretty much still in the range it was when we left it. A bit higher but on the other hand we saved on fees here. The report today could change that of course but for now we find ourselves at the sidelines. Most commodities remain under pressure ike $ZINC , $PLATINUM and $CarbonEmissions excluding the almost always rising $COCOA here. It's closing in on its all time high at a tremendous speed so watching what happens if it hits that is definitely gonna be interesting. So much for today I'm pretty much back to hibernating like our holdings here. Alex
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