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$XRP had a strong rally yesterday with large volumes that many people doubted will happen. In my previous post I stated that it seems that all cryptos have a major dip in January, but it usually recovers within a month. this was posted when $XRP was around $1.00 Today we are seeing a normal small correction after it reached its resistance level range of $1.7- $1.75. If it breaks this level, which I am confident it will, then the next resistance will be around $2. This is not a very strong resistance, but the the following resistance level of $2.4 is a very strong one. I expect some volatility around this level, but once it surpass it then the next stop will be around $3.5 This is my technical analysis of <a href="/markets/xrp" class="e-link">$XRP</a> , of course I could be wrong, but we shall see soon enough. ... Show More