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Dear Investors, Here is your monthly update for September 2018 The CRISPR-Tech is a thematic investment portfolio, which means its strategy is based on a particular investment theme, in this case selecting bio-tech or pharmateutical stocks focusing on CRISPR-Technology, still at a relative early stage in terms of widespread adoption. This portfolio is built and managed by eToro’s investment committee. The S&P500 is currently up 11% this year. This CopyPortfolio is currently up 7.5%, below that of the S&P500. This month was a weak performing month for the portfolio closing at a loss of 2.2%. Losses have continued into October. Some studies have indicarted certain gene-editing techniques may have side-effects, as such CRISPR gene editing tools are still at an early stage in providing a clear treatment for terminal illnesses. This CopyPortfolio is a long-term investment vehicle. Therefore, since market trends can change over time, you should set realistic goals and assess your investment performance over a prolonged period. The risk remained the same for this CopyPortfolio over last month. As this is as a relatively emerging market and some of the stocks have a smaller market cap compared to others, increaed volatility in this portfolio is possible. Increased risk, can mean larger swings both ways in terms of profit and loss. Please bear this in mind. Similar to blokchain the stocks in this portfolio are competing to be the market leader in a new emerging industry. This portfolio provides investors diversification among this sector and protects them from losses if one specific stock they preferred was to suffer losses. If you are planning to add funds to your existing investment, you can do so by closing your current investment and reopen it with your desired investment amount. In regards to new CopyPortfilios, eToro will soon be launching <a href="/people/driverless" class="e-link">@Driverless</a>, an investment strategy based on the self-driving car sector. Please look out for further correspondence in regards to this. Please remember past performance is not indicative of any future performance. <a href="/markets/ntla" class="e-link">$NTLA (Intellia Therapeutics Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/mrk" class="e-link">$MRK (Merck)</a>, <a href="/markets/clls" class="e-link">$CLLS (Cellectis SA)</a>, <a href="/markets/edit" class="e-link">$EDIT (Editas Medicine Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/a" class="e-link">$A (Agilent Technologies Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/sgmo" class="e-link">$SGMO (Sangamo Biosciences Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/regn" class="e-link">$REGN (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)</a> ... Show More