Companies in the tech sector are releasing their earnings report. Among them is $INTC. Volatility is often experienced around the time of these releases and could be expected for electronics manufacturers, software creators, computer hardware developers and other companies within the sector. Earnings reports to be released today after market close: $INTC (Intel) $NOW (ServiceNow Inc) $LRCX (Lam Research Corp) $XLNX $TER (Teradyne Inc) $STX (Seagate Technology PLC) $XM (QUALTRICS INTERNATIONAL-CL A) $PTC (PTC Inc.) $WOLF (Wolfspeed Inc) $AZPN (Aspen Technology Inc) $MKSI (MKS Instruments Inc) $SIMO (SILICON MOTION TECHNOL-ADR) Shares earnings release before markets open (27/01/2022): $SAP (SAP SE ADR) $MSCI (MSCI Inc) $CAJ (Canon Inc - ADR) $MTSI (Macom Technology Solutions)