Francisco Javier Martinez Lago @Edoreld
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A brutal week that reminds me of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, just red everywhere. The one saving grace was $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.): after a fantastic earning reports and a change of a mind of a known short seller, the stock went up 20%+. Profit secured. Now we will see if Warren Buffett's quote, "It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked", comes true. <a href="/markets/crm" class="e-link">$CRM ( Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/shop" class="e-link">$SHOP (Shopify Inc.)</a>, <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$BMW.DE (Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft)</a>, <a href="/markets/nvda" class="e-link">$NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation)</a>, <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a>, <a href="/markets/pypl" class="e-link">$PYPL (PayPal Holdings)</a>, <a href="/markets/adbe" class="e-link">$ADBE (Adobe Systems Inc)</a>, <a href="/markets/gaw.l" class="e-link">$GAW.L (Games Workshop)</a>, <a href="/markets/ilmn" class="e-link">$ILMN (Illumina)</a>, <a href="/markets/goog" class="e-link">$GOOG (Alphabet)</a>, <a href="/markets/nflx" class="e-link">$NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)</a>, <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB (Facebook)</a>, <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a>, <a href="/markets/rht" class="e-link">$RHT (Red Hat)</a>, <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA (Alibaba)</a>, <a href="/markets/ma" class="e-link">$MA (Mastercard)</a>, <a href="/markets/" class="e-link">$JD.CH (</a>, <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT (Microsoft)</a>, <a href="/markets/ntdoy" class="e-link">$NTDOY (Nintendo CO Ltd)</a>, <a href="/markets/ea" class="e-link">$EA (Electronic Arts, Inc.)</a> ... Show More