David Kaye @DKA150496X
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$XRP Things got a little hotter yesterday ... .................. *** .................. Interestingly, a wallet activated by Ripple by the sequence of rNfwFmsgBRrtqQDcWtFAJMzK2P1yCs7XPy – rsV5XY4tm9dBN8mPX7RPEDuHLaA5fZjFSA [ with the nickname RL18-VN] – rpcRgbYy9CUAYADeueKmAKZz12wXi9fVNS – r9H8UWStzcajob8qkL7ZNQXjFpRfEnEvyE – OpenCoin – Ripple, recently created 40 escrow accounts of 5 million each, thus adding up to a total of 200 million XRP. It is also noticed that the rNfwFmsgBRrtqQDcWtFAJMzK2P1yCs7XPy address is also the receiving address of the 200 million XRP transaction. Many speculate that the creation of escrows by Ripple apart from their usual 1 billion XRP escrows is out of the ordinary, and may depict institutions locking up XRP for use at a later date, which are set from December 1st, 2018 to July 15th, 2020. The funds are also set to be returned to the same account once the contract expires in 11 months. Any developments with the escrowed funds will be seen at that time, but as of now, this removes close to 200 million XRP from circulation by locking them up in these accounts. .................. *** .................. There was also a second larger 780M XRP moved from the same wallet to another wallet at the same time, which didn't have slow release escrows set up. i.e. those funds are ready for use. By the way the sending wallet for both these transactions still has 4.225B XRP in it, so someone has plenty to play with. Quite possibly, two clients being primed with XRP's for the Temenos / Swift updates which are happening (18th Temenos update / integration, 17th to 20th Swift worldwide update). Next week is going to be an exciting one to watch 👀👀👀👀 <a href="https://etoro.tw/2K8ygpt" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">etoro.tw/2K8ygpt</a> ... Show More