Jeppe Kirk Bonde
Jeppe Kirk Bonde @JeppeKirkBonde
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Bitcoin has been a very good investment for many of us. In the past 4 years my bitcoin investments with etoro have gone up 700%. 30 years from now it's possible that cryptocurrencies will have outcompeted traditional currencies. Historically people have used massive stones, pigs, gold, cigarettes, and Central Bank issued notes as means of exchange, stores of value, and units of measurement, aka money. I do not think the evolution of money is quite finished. The total value of all money in the world is approximately 80 trillion USD. When the last bitcoin is mined there will be 21 million Bitcoins. If Bitcoin can get a 3% market share, then each Bitcoin will be worth over USD 100,000 . Established institutions may try to kill off the crypto movement, just like they are causing problems for Uber and AirBnB. If they are successful, Bitcoin and other cryptos may lose all value. I am investing in the significant chance that Bitcoin or another crypto becomes the world leading currency in the long term. I do not think it matters whether speculators price Bitcoins at USD 1,000 or 5,000 in the short term. Instead I analyse the political, societal, legal, and technical aspects that can drive or hinder Bitcoin's rise towards USD 100,000. ... Show More