Stephen John Charles Bliss
United Kingdom
Hi everyone 👋 New profile pic 😃 Hope you’re all having a wonderful week. Our portfolio is looking strong 💪 So far this year we’ve finished in the green every single month. To date, we’ve gained 50.65% this year at the time of writing. A welcome sight after the 2018 crypto winter drawdown of -48.81% Once again, I must say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to those who believed in me during that difficult period, holding their nerve and continuing to copy my portfolio throughout the rollercoaster year. We’re not completely out of the woods yet but boy oh boy things are looking great for the rest of 2019 and beyond! So far this year I have been swing trading mostly, with few short term trades. Meaning most positions have been held for a month or more. This has resulted in great gains for us throughout 2019 but with less trading activity. From next week I plan on starting to throw in a few day trades and short term trades (I’m aiming for a around 1-3 trades per day) obviously this depends on how many opportunities I spot. If you think you’ve spotted a great set-up then fire me a message. I’ll happily check it out! If I think there’s an opportunity to make us some profit I’ll open a position. All these little day trades will add up throughout the year and should help add an additional 5-15% to our ROI annually. Remember: the compounding effect is a massively powerful and often overlooked tool when investing. It’s Warren Buffett’s greatest tool to making billions. It’s what should make our investments grow exponentially over time. The longer the money is left to compound the greater and faster it should grow. I recommend a minimum of 2 years when copying my trades. I plan on letting my etoro balance continue to compound for many many years to come. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself now and again along the way. 😉 Finally, if you jumped ship throughout the crypto winter and you’re looking for the right moment to get back in with a copy. You haven’t missed the train. It’s not too late! Currently I recommend copying open positions with a minimum of $1,000 copy amount. *Remember the number 1 rule when investing: *Only invest what you can afford to loose. All investments carry a risk. Investments can go up as well as down. This is not investment advice. Feeling excited for the rest of 2019, Ste Bliss 🤗
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