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$XRP $LTC $ETC I got into cryptos at the wrong time! I was making bucket loads of green by the day in mid December. I woke up every morning wondering how I was stupid enough not to be making this silly money so much earlier. I was abruptly introduced to the colour red. I then became a retard (sorry if I’m not supposed to say that any more). My history soon turned to shite and worry started to kick in. I withdrew my funds at a nice loss but used half my remaining funds to pay off ridiculous payments to make my car work again. I reinvested what I had left and until today was in red, a colour I’m well used to at this stage. Today I’m seeing the green in my investment. I’ve held through shit, but not as shit as others. You people are brave and I have the utmost respect for you. You’re Vikings! This short journey has thought me a lot. Your comments have been full of shit, funny and up and down emotions, but all in all brilliant. You people have been what’s kept me together in the end and I love you all. We’re all in this together and in the end I hope we all come out of this rich as fuck. Let’s keep it together people and feel sorry for those who don’t believe. I believe!!! ... Show More