Peter Wilson
***A modified Dividend Growth and Re-investment portfolio*** The underpinning ethos is safety and quality first, and robust valuation and sound risk management always. It is well-diversified across global markets and asset types. ✅ Quality and affordable stocks ✅ Solid dividend track record and future prospects ✅ Broad spectrum capital appreciation potential ✅ Attentive management; pruning over-valued or problematic stocks ✅ Risk level is always 3/4. ✅ I do not short (sell) and I do not use leverage Portfolio includes robust low-volatility stocks with historically consistent dividend growth and capital appreciation potential alongside stocks with higher yields that can provide predictable cash flow for some income muscle. It also encompasses stocks that should provide some insulation from the effects of inflation, including energy stocks and REITs. There are no speculative stocks or crypto-currencies in this portfolio. ________________________________________________________________________________ To begin your dividend-investing journey and copy this portfolio. Please read the following: ? – Who is this Portfolio Suitable for? anyone who is committed to saving for a future that is financially secure. However, it is primarily geared toward the smart long-term investor who wants to build progressively and generate future income with a low-risk portfolio. Even investors who prefer speculative trading, hyper-growth and higher-risk strategies, a copy on this portfolio is an excellent hedge as part of a broader portfolio that includes more volatile assets. ? - How long should I copy for? This is very-much a long-term strategy to build progressively and generate dividend income in the future. The longer we hold stocks, the more dividend income we generate, re-invest and the compounding effect works strongly in our favour. So - as long as possible. ? - New Copiers Copy Open Trades? - Please click to copy 'open trades'. This will initiate the copy by opening trades across all stocks that I have in the portfolio. All your newly opened trades will initially be slightly in the red due to the one-time 'spread' (fee) taken by the platform. ? - Recommended Copy amount? Everyone’s financial and personal circumstances are different, however, $500 is adequate to open a copy and fully sync all trades on the portfolio on this platform. You can invest less and add additional over time, but it may take a few months to synchronize portfolios. The more you can invest early in this investment strategy the better. ? - How Often do you Add Funds? On the 1st of each month I will add funds to the portfolio. This is crucial to building the value of the portfolio with time, but is also critical to re-investing recently paid dividends into new stock purchases putting that money to work. I will provide advance notification of depositing funds and will give copiers 3 days to add funds. eToro will send copiers a notification of this fund addition and will give a proportional $/£/€ amount for the copier to add to their account. If you add the 'suggested amount' uncheck the 'copy open trades'. This new capital you add then only goes to the new stock purchases I make for that month. You also have the option to add more than the suggested amount at any time if your circumstances permit. If you plan on adding a larger sum >$200 then copying 'open trades' will allocate these new funds across the whole portfolio - this is a great option to 'top up' your investment if you have additional capital. Please note, there is a $200 minimum to copy open trades. You are under no obligation to add additional funds to this copy at any time from opening or when you receive these notifications, however it is important to do so to keep the portfolios synced, reinvest dividends and keep our performance aligned to drive the success of the portfolio. If you are unable to commit to some degree of regular investment in this portfolio, then I would ask that you consider whether this portfolio meets your requirements. ? – What Sort of Returns Should I Expect? The market is unpredictable and so it is irresponsible to make bold claims of out-performing any market. The goal is not to outperform anything, it is simply to make steady gains year on year benefitting in the long-term from dividend growth and reinvestment. Finally, the degree of success you see with this portfolio is largely dependent on 3 things: ⏰ 1. Time - these portfolios compound with time and like an airplane on the runway, a slow and steady start eventually leads to take-off. 💵 2. Regular investment - critical to build the portfolio with time and to reinvest our dividends putting that money to work. ⚓️ 3. Perseverance - when the market fluctuates, hold fast, our portfolio is full of robust, quality stocks that will recover. We will also use these conditions to our advantage, acquiring quality new stocks at discount prices, all the while the dividends still roll in.
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