Francisco Javier Martinez Lago
📬 November Portfolio Report Welcome to your monthly recap. Let's take a look at the numbers: ✔️ Performance: - Month Return: -4.24% - Year-to-Date: 11.71% - In the last 12 months: 18.54% 🌍 520 of you are currently copying my portfolio ⠀ 💲 Assets under Management: $740k ⠀⠀ ⭐️ Risk: low-medium (4) ⌛ Average Copy Duration: 6 months+ 💸 Average Copy Amount: $849 Summary: a month marked by COVID-19 fears and a sharp increase in inflation As you have probably heard by now, there's a new COVID-19 variant going around. The market reacted badly, to say the least. While I still maintain the view that the market is fundamentally in a good position, this shows how things like the pandemic can cause instability in the short term. Inflation was also up a bit more than expected, and markets didn't like that one bit. Luckily the Fed doesn't plan to increase interest rates in response, so the markets rallied back up (markets can be quite emotional, as you can see). Despite the latest COVID-induced dip, the market has definitely been in an optimistic mood this year, with just a single pullback of 5%, and above-average gains. Will the markets be so strong next year? I think the data from companies' earnings reports and the growth in GDP definitely establish a good foundation for a bull market next year, yet further pandemic threats might mean that we won't see equal gains in 2022. Factsheet (should update soon): Until next time, Javier
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