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$XRP I find it hilarious that many comment on here that it is pointless looking at charts and analysing crypto to take a view. The current trend is a typical bounce off the 62% fib and prior to its final decent to it, pushed through a supported wedge pattern. You only have to pick a historic chart and see Fibonacci stamped all over crypto, and whilst the climb is still a while away from the decent Take Profit Extensions there are profits to be made right now if you are a Fib trader. I read time and time again "should I buy now, is it going lower/higher", yet trend patterns, support/resistance lines give you good entry and exit points. Many have said Crypto is for investing, HODL and waiting. In the past 30 days good traders have shorted and made profit. To all those who say charts are for SH1T, XRP has extended to 38.2 and it may just carry on climbing. I and any other traders with a FIB view are now in profit (if we close) from the 61.8 support. Take the time to look up Fibonacci Retracement and the Golden ratio, learn about double/tripple bottoms/tops and wedge patterns. Learn about support/resistance, Elliott wave theory and you just might learn how to increase your chances of a successful market entry/exit. Brad could also just announce that XRP is rubbish and is now worthless which would of course defeat the charts argument. ... Show More