15th Jan 2022 Current YTD Realized Return: 0% Annualized Standard Deviation: 12.39% Annualized Risk Adjusted Return: NA Risk Free Rate: 0.5% Portfolio Weekly Floating Performance: -3.51% SPY Weekly Performance: -0.29% Dear Investor, The Floating Margin for the Portfolio was -3.51% this week, underperforming the $SPY . This is mainly because $COST (Costco Wholesale Corp) / $WMT (Walmart Inc.) were currently down 6% this week, becoming the biggest weekly loser in the portfolio. And because $COST dropped so much, it’s approaching our SL and we’ll have to close the position if it continues to fall. $PFE (Pfizer) / $BMY (Bristol-Myers Squibb Co), $FTNT (Fortinet Inc) / $VMW (VMware) and $BAC (Bank of America Corp) / $C (Citigroup) were down 4.57%, 4.42% and 4.26% respectively. All of these have taken a toe to the portfolio performance. $C beats earnings estimate, however the bank doesn’t give guidance on next quarter earnings, so we’ll have to see how the market will react to the bank’s valuation in the upcoming trading days, and speaking of earnings, $BAC will also release its earnings next week. $BAC will release its earnings on Next Tue, 18th Jan 2022, before market opens, which is expected to bring volatility to the stock. Depending on the volatility and margin used, we’ll be readjusting our portfolio by cutting out some losers and replacing them with other trade ideas that are in the watchlist. We’re currently looking at $DEO (Diageo plc ADR), $GNW (Genworth Financial Inc), $ACC (American Campus Communities Inc) and $VIAC as potential new positions to put on as they have passed the gatekeeping process and are ready to go on the live portfolio. Currently, the portfolio utilizes 4x leverage on margin and we’re holding 8 positions in the portfolio. We have utilized 92.49% of margin, bringing us a 36.31% Gross Exposure and a Net Exposure of -3.51%. Currently, the Portfolio-Weighted Beta is 0. I will continue to monitor the portfolio to ensure that risks are under control. Please refer to the Google Sheets for further details: The US market will be closed on Monday so see you next week and wish you a prosperous trading journey. Take care, Alan Tham