Self Driving Cars, Driverless
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Self Driving Cars
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*This is a new CopyPortfolio focusing on the autonomous driving industry that has not been open for investment* Driverless invests primarily in equity securities of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicles (“EVs”), and EV components and materials. This includes companies involved in the development of autonomous vehicle software and hardware. CopyPortfolios™ is a portfolio management product by eToro Each stock within the portfolio’s composition is given equal weighting. A substantial portion of the business segment in the companies within the CopyPortfolio are unconnected to autonomous vehicle technology, and therefore, their performance can also be influenced by factors unrelated to this industry. The Driverless CopyPortfolio investment strategy was created and is managed by eToro’s Investment Committee. The rebalancing of this portfolio takes place on demand ... Show More
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