China's Car Sector
China's Car Sector@ChinaCar


-8.69% October 2022
-18.48% September 2022
-8.09% August 2022
-5.53% July 2022
10.53% June 2022
7.45% May 2022
-8.46% April 2022
-10.60% March 2022
-0.56% February 2022
-13.92% January 2022

About ChinaCarUnited Kingdom

Alongside being the world's second-largest economy, China can also boast being the world's largest automotive market. Automakers around the world flock to the nation to sell their cars to Chinese consumers. The Chinese tech sector has undergone significant transformation over the years, becoming a tech behemoth and one of the most crucial legs of that growth has been the automobile industry. The automotive sector is one of the pillars of the Chinese economy and happens to be one of the largest employment areas. ChinaCar Smart Portfolio allocates in stocks, based on eToro's asset universe, of some of the largest Chinese car manufacturers and companies that are heavily involved in the production and design process. The minimum investment amount for this portfolio is $500.
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