Nasdaq Smart Beta by Sentiment
Nasdaq Smart Beta by Sentiment@OutSmartNSDQ


-1.41% October 2022
-7.99% September 2022
-6.19% August 2022
14.70% July 2022
-13.71% June 2022
-2.38% May 2022
-20.39% April 2022
14.74% March 2022
1.52% February 2022
-7.49% January 2022
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Nasdaq Smart Beta by Sentiment
Dear Investor, As part of this Smart Portfolio methodology, we will perform the quarterly rebalance over the next two days. This process may require the closure of some or all of the positions within the portfolio and the reopening of new positions. Kindly note that no action is required on your part.... Show More
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Nasdaq Smart Beta by Sentiment
Dear Investors, Here is your monthly update for August 2022. ✨ Global markets endured a volatile month. Initial optimism over the possibility of a peak in inflation slowly ebbed away, before doubt took hold with most major indices ending in the red. 💭 Find out more about what happened in August with... Show More
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