Client Money and Custody Asset Manager

  • Oversight and approval of daily client money and custody asset reconciliations
  • Preparation of monthly CMAR reports
  • Ensuring client money & asset procedures comply with CASS and kept up to date  
  • Maintain the CASS Resolution Pack  
  • Maintain the CASS Applicability and Control matrix
  • Maintain the Prudent Segregation policy  
  • Maintain the CASS framework policy
  • To manage the annual CASS audit and to coordinate the responses to auditor findings and the management letter.
  • To be a member of the CASS committee, and set the tone of the Firm's compliance with regard to CASS obligations
  • To evaluate the impact assessment on CASS obligations in respect of any particular issue or potential new business opportunity
  • To be the liaison between the firm and the regulator on all matters relating to Client Assets and client money  
  • Preparation of due diligence reports on banks & counterparties  
  • To be able to present to colleagues in a clear and understandable fashion all matters in relation to CASS where CASS is not the local regulation and English may not be the first language
  • Assistance with other finance initiatives & projects
  • Qualified accountant with 2-4 years post-qualification experience
  • Client money & CASS knowledge
  • CF10a - current or previously held
  • Good communication skills & ability to work with remote locations
  • Superior attention to detail & organisational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-starter & good prioritisation skills 
UK Office