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Performance of Assets in My Portfolio,2022.6 (2022.6投資組合下各資產表現,內有中文版) * $SPX500 down more than 8% in June. Market pessimism reaches a new post-pandemic high. AAII bearish sentiment reached 59.3%. *I have gradually sold leveraged ETFs ( $SSO $UPRO ) in early June and re-bought gradually after stocks fell after the FED's June meeting. Because I think the market has reached a high level of panic, it is easy to have a short-term rebound in July. *The overall economic forecast for this year continues to be revised downward, and the timing of the next wave of bull market remains to be seen. *6月 $SPX500 單月下跌超過8%,市場悲觀程度來到疫情後新高,AAII悲觀程度達到59.3%。 *我在6月初有逐步賣出槓桿型ETF( $SSO $UPRO ),並在fed6月會議股市下跌後重新逐步買進。因為我認為市場達到相當恐慌的程度,7月容易有短線反彈。 *今年整體經濟預測仍持續下修,下一波長線牛市時間點尚須等待。 $VOO $QQQ Translate