Why can't I withdraw funds from my eToro investment account?

To withdraw funds, you need to place a withdrawal request.


In case you are not able to complete this step, please make sure:

  • You are trying to withdraw at least the minimum amount required of $30 USD

Also bear in mind that a withdrawal fee of $5 USD will be deducted from the amount selected. 

  • You have enough funds in your available balance

Only funds from your available balance can be withdrawn, not funds invested in open positions.

  • Your account is fully verified and without limitations

If your account is missing documents or has a restriction, please find out here what do you need to provide and contact us so we can help resolve the issue.


  • The new payment method you added is valid

If you added details of a new payment method, it must be in your name and be registered in your country of residence. 


Are you still unable to withdraw funds from your eToro investment account? Click here.