What is Copy Stop Loss?

Copy Stop Loss (CSL) is an instruction to close a copy if the value of the entire copy drops below a specific dollar amount or ratio.


You can use this to protect your investment - to automatically sell the copy investment if its value goes down.


CSL is mandatory on every copy (both CopyTrader™ and Smart Portfolios).


You can set the CSL anywhere between 5% and 95%.


For example, you choose to copy a trader with $1,000 and set the CSL at 60%. If the copy value, including the profit/loss over all trades, drops below 60% of $1,000, the whole copy would close, and the remaining funds ($600) would be returned to your balance.


You can adjust the Copy Stop Loss (CSL) to your preferred level of exposure while opening the copy or at any time after the copy is opened.


Every time you edit your CSL once the copy is opened, the new value will reflect as a percentage of your copy equity at the time of the edit and not the original allocated amount.