What is eToro?

eToro is a social investment and multi-asset brokerage company with 10 offices worldwide, including centres in the US, UK, Israel, Cyprus and Australia.


eToro’s platform enables both manual and social investing and is available both on www.eToro.com and the eToro mobile app.


For manual investing, eToro provides a wide selection of stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptoassets, ETFs and indices through its own innovative investment platform. Using the professional tools and analyses on eToro, our clients can track and invest in a variety of financial instruments.


Social investing lets our clients follow the financial investment activity of other clients, and use our CopyTrader™ system to replicate everything they do in real time. To support this process, the eToro platform operates with full transparency, displaying each client’s relevant data, such as gain percentage, risk score and portfolio composition.


Developed on top of the CopyTrader™ feature, the Popular Investor program is unique to eToro. It enables successful investors to build up their business by sharing their expertise and get paid by us for being copied.


eToro has also developed an innovative long-term investment vehicle called Smart Portfolios. Smart Portfolios are ready-made investment portfolios, which comprise either top investors from the platform or several financial assets following a predetermined market strategy.


eToro is proud to be rolling out the eToro Money app. This includes a cash account and debit card, which can be used to make and receive bank transfers, deposit and withdraw instantly from the eToro investment platform, and shop anywhere in the world.


We believe that all assets will be tokenised in the future and that crypto is the first step on this journey. The eToro Money app contains the eToro Money Crypto Wallet, which is oriented to this vision: an easy-to-use, multi-crypto, secure digital crypto wallet that enables our clients to send and receive cryptoassets.


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