How do I contact eToro US for a Legal Request?

eToro US offers a centralized process and steps for serving legal requests (subpoenas, official court orders, etc.). This guide will explain that process in detail.


We accept civil requests, official court documents, formal legal documents, and subpoenas for service of process through the appropriate office of Corporation Trust Company (“CT Corporation”), as the Registered Agent of record. Contact information for CT Corporation in the preferred state of service can be found here


Service of process made through CT Corporation will ensure that each request is handled timely and efficiently. eToro US requires that service of process be made in full compliance with the guidelines outlined. eToro US is unable to accept service by fax or regular mail.     


Regulatory inquiries or law enforcement officials seeking to obtain data for criminal matters may be directed to: This email address should not be used for customer service issues, complaints, or sales inquiries. 


Any additional questions or non-legal inquiries can also be addressed to:


eToro US 

221 River Street

9th Floor

Hoboken, NJ 07030