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eToro’s August Smart Portfolio monthly report is now live! Follow the link for the full report: Take a peak at what it’s about: August was a turbulent month for financial markets. After an initial move upwards on the back of optimism over U.S. earnings and the possibility of having reached the peak... Arată alte Traducere
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Lukas Stastny
Ohlášení dividend v portfoliu. :) + zvýšení dividendy o 10% $ORCL (Oracle Corporation) 0,32$ za kus💰ex. dividend datum 11.10. výplata 25.10. .✅ $NUE (Nucor Corp) 0,50$ za kus💰ex. dividend datum 29.9. výplata 10.10. ✅ $INTC (Intel) 0,365$ za kus💰ex. dividend datum 4.11. výplata 1.12. ✅ $MA... Arată alte Traducere
Bjorn Crienen
Learn with me post 51!! 📚🤓 ⚙️ New day new topic! Topics are ranging from well-known to unknown investing tools for any type of investor! Don’t want to miss any posts? Consider following me to stay up to date! 👉🏼 Today’s topic: Funds From Operations 👉🏼 What are funds from operations? Funds from... Arată alte Traducere
Wasif Khan
My portfolio is 𝐮𝐩 𝟏𝟒.𝟏𝟔% in the past week! Check it out. Off late good profit in commodities and currency trading. Holding the cash from this profit to redirect in to stocks and ETFs as and when the market dips (which is now :)). ************************************************************ 🙋‍♂️... Arată alte Traducere
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Future of Connectivity
Dear Investors, Here is your monthly update for August 2022. ✨ Global markets endured a volatile month. Initial optimism over the possibility of a peak in inflation slowly ebbed away, before doubt took hold with most major indices ending in the red. 💭 Find out more about what happened in August with... Arată alte Traducere
Future of Connectivity
American Tower and Verizon announced a new long-term agreement. 👉 $VZ (Verizon) agreed to lease the rights to 11,324 of its communications towers and sell 165 additional towers to $AMT (American Tower Corp) for $5 billion in cash. Verizon has said for months that it would be open to selling its tower... Arată alte Traducere