ETF-XLK-Technology Select Sector SPDR

XLK Technology Select Sector SPDR

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Andreas Kleffmann
Update for my copiers 4/12/22 Some green bars have appeared in my portfolio stats but don't get excited just yet. The Fed has not started to lower the EFFR and our own Global Markets Strategist recently wrote "Risks remain uncomfortably high". Nothing has really changed in the US economic... Arată alte Traducere
Tamer Younis
Despite strong Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ,talk from Fed officials James Bullard and John Williams on rate hikes also kept pressure on equities as interest rates ticked higher on their comments. The market sectors finished the period mostly higher with Communication Services $XLC Consumer Discretionary... Arată alte Traducere
Osman Omar Zaki
Dear copiers: Just letting you know that I have injected my monthly savings. I used this month's savings to buy $VUG since growth has underperformed value last month, and also add to our $SHY position as we slowly lengthen our bond duration. The asset allocation below reflects our equity portfolio... Arată alte Traducere
$VOO $IVV $QQQ $TLT $VXUS $XLK 有读者问我现在的股市已经度过了最坏的时期是吗? 我的答案是不知道。 我的投资理念是,与其去猜股市是否度过了最坏的时期,或者哪里才是底部。 倒不如把心思放在赚取主动收入,然后每月利用储蓄进行定期定额投资,无需做太多额外的预测和操作。 只要有采取定期定额投资策略的投资者,相信在过去几个月低点的时候都买了不少股票是吧? 我们有猜底部吗?没有 我们有比专业投资者更高的投资技巧吗?没有 我们有为了更低的底部而在场外等待吗?没有 全都没有,可是我们却利用了定期定额在低点吸纳了不少股票,把平均成本价拉了下来。 投资的本质是为了用最简单的方式换取高质量的生活 可是现实里却有很多人把这个本末倒置了。 Mr.Harvest Traducere
Andreas Kleffmann
Where could the market be heading? I have added to my update for my copiers and followers. I have added details by Goldman Sachs strategists regarding where they think the market is going. $DDOG (Datadog Inc) $XLP $HYG $XLK Traducere
Andreas Kleffmann
Update: 20/11/22 👎🏻Bad news: The portfolio is largely influenced by mostly US macro conditions (& the Fed) which are now looking a bit worse than last month. The US is heading for a recession of about 6 months duration. Hopefully in 2023 inflation will be much lower and the Fed will be reducing interest... Arată alte Traducere

Despre Technology Select Sector SPDR

ETF-ul Technology Select Sector SPDR oferă expunere la companii importante de pe piața tehnologică. Are în componență companii din sectorul tehnologic, iar portofoliul său cuprinde aproximativ 25% din companiile care formează indicele S&P 500, inclusiv companii precum Microsoft și IBM. Oferă o opțiune „pasivă” cu cost relativ scăzut pentru investitorii care caută un instrument de investiții tematic în sectorul tehnologiei, iar prețul său este afectat de factorii care țin de industrie.
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