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556.50 -9.35 (-1.65%)
纳斯达克(NASDAQ)的延时价格 美元 市场休市
Paulo Carvalho de Sa
Hola dear copiers and followers 👋 Here is the monthly update after breaking the streak of negative months and finally putting a strong positive month in July of +6.77%. Even though the market still looks shaky (and I can't reinforce enough that the future is, of course, unpredictable), it seems... 显示更多 翻译
Pim Matthijs Leerdam
Just closed this $ASML (ASML Holding NV) $ASML.NV (ASML Holding NV) trade for a 20.4 % gain. $NSDQ100 $SPX500 翻译
Pim Matthijs Leerdam
@pimmjeeuw 已关闭 $ASML.NV 买出头寸
ASML Holding NV
Robert Joseph Batac
Hello Followers and Copiers, Added funds on Mondays market and added more to our foundational stocks $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) $NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation) and $UPST (Upstart Holdings Inc) . I also added to our timely stocks which are $ASML (ASML Holding NV) and $NYT (The New York Times Co) Have a... 显示更多 翻译
Teodor Nica
❞ After a series of better-than-expected economic prints helped stoke renewed optimism on Wall Street, investors will get key earnings reports from retailers and the July retail sales report from the Commerce Department this week. 🔮 It's hard to predict the future with precision. Cost averaging,... 显示更多 翻译
Something that I learned and observed in real life, is that cheap buyers are terrible businesspeople! Of course, when a company is lynched by markets like $META (Meta Platforms Inc), $AIR.PA (AIRBUS SE) and $BA (Boeing) it’s generally a good buy opportunity. But these occasions are rare. Meanwhile,... 显示更多 翻译
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