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Diego Castorina
Чешская Республика
With inflation at its highest since the beginning of the 80s, more and more people are investing in commodities. The idea is that with cash losing buying power, real assets will retain their value and therefore provide a great hedge against inflation. Each time inflation increases beyond a certain threshold,... Показать подробности Перевод
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Joenard Abraham Anasarias
🔰 BP, Rio Tinto to work on biofuel trial to brake emissions from Rio's marine fleet ✅ Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) and BP (NYSE:BP) has agreed to work together on a one-year biofuel trial to limit Rio Tinto's marine fleet emissions. ✅ BP will supply Rio Tinto with marine biofuel to be trialed on... Показать подробности Перевод
James Beadle
April's monthly report. April was pretty terrible for almost everybody, but our strategy this year has been paying off (even if the headline figures may not make it look as such!). Dividend and defensive stocks have served us well, whilst our anticipation of the war in Ukraine allowed us to better... Показать подробности Перевод
Krischka Alexander Trapp
Commodity producing companies like $RIO.L (Rio Tinto) or $TTE.PA (TotalEnergies SE) are negatively correlated to the general stock market ( $SPX500 ) in the long term, which makes them an excelent diversifier. 2022 serves as a prime example for that. $OIL $NATGAS $ETH $GOLD $XLE Перевод
Teodor-Marian Nica
❞ Peter Lynch is still searching for bargains on Wall Street at age 78, even if it involves a penny stock. 🤷🏻‍♂️ When retail is selling, experienced investors are buying. 🎢 Market downturn is an opportunity to invest in great assets at great price. Best time to allocate capital is when assets are... Показать подробности Перевод
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