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الأسعار المؤجلة من قبل NASDAQ، بـ USD فتح السوق
Thijme bastian Schriek
- The Next Step For Crypto! - One thing that could push crypto higher is more adoption from big hedge funds and wealthy individuals that want to add another form of cash to their portfolio. Many already hold bonds and precious metals as a hedge, however, crypto could be a great addition to this. And... عرض المزيد ترجم
Mirco Ardito
Lagarde hikes rates and launches the shield anti spread $EUSTX50 $EURUSD $VFH ترجم
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Daniel Rubio Montes
A lucky loser and maybe the cheapest 🇺🇲 American 🏦 bank. If I had to buy a financial stock I'm pretty sure $C (Citigroup) would be my first option. ⚠️Please note this is not an investment advice⚠️ $XLF $VFH ترجم
Thijme bastian Schriek
- The Banks Can Handle The Heat! - Now ever since the great financial crisis of 2008 the biggest banks in America have been subject to a massive stress test which was part of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Fed does this each year to make sure all of them are in good shape and can handle gigantic losses without... عرض المزيد ترجم
Peter Lucas
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THE ULTIMATE DIVIDEND ETF PORTFOLIO I can confirm that the dividends we received on the 23rd of June were from $SCHD $VNQ and $VFH Our final dividend for June is due from the 29th this is from $IAPD.L . Thank you ترجم
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